The World is Closed and Commencement is Cancelled

The World is Closed and Commencement is Cancelled

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As a 23-year-old, I feel simultaneously optimistic and concerned as I am two weeks away from college graduation. What feels like what should be the prime time of my life feels like the closing chapter of a sci-film with the globe on lockdown and my academic career approaching a daunting conclusion. Commencement is canceled and will be streamed live online. By diploma will be mailed and my degree will enter by hands in an envelope with a postage stamp attached. I’m currently applying for only remote positions for work and more than ever, am grateful for ongoing freelance work. Life as we know it has drastically changed and the life I envision seems far out of reach in this time of stillness with our world on pause. In this season of online academics, digital internships, and social distancing, I wonder what is next, how our world will recover and what life will be like for me as a recent graduate entering a world forever changed by a single pandemic.

Being that I am already a university student online, I have an advantage at seclusion. However, the rate at which social interaction has declined has severely affected me along with the rest of society. The inability to see friends or family or even go to a restaurant are privileges I never even considered before. America suddenly feels unamerican – our small liberties have been suspended as we stay confined in our homes and remain medically prepared against this virus with masks and gloves. What should be the highlight of my college years seems to be a dim reminder that I am only human, life is short and what seems like the mundane are truly moments that should be cherished. With the economy taking hits, small businesses shutting down, and homes in foreclosure, it’s easy to be consumed with fear in these times of uncertainty. But aside from all the confusion, I am thankful for a place to live, food on the table and the loving people in my life. If anything, this situation has not only forced me to become a recluse, but a grateful for person for what matters most.

I know with whatever our nation faces, we will always remain conquerors. We are the home of the brave and there is nothing that can hold us back. We must maintain our faith and look forward with aspiration and courage, to resist doubt and aim for progress. Sure, things will be different when this nightmare ends, but it can be better, we can be better. I think it’s fair to say a hug from a friend can mean more after this and maybe the presence of a loved one sitting next to us can be appreciated like never before. If anything, this crisis has made me realize life is bigger than me and the small joys are truly what make it worth living.

This Literary Work

This Literary Work

Consistently considerate

Calmingly collective

Faithful as forever

A Remedy for radical emotion

An inspiration for intellectual observance

Therapy, proven tried and true

A love of exceeding forgiveness

Found blameless and without reservation

Compositional reflection

Textual interpretation

Of mortal existence

And the basics of life

Of living, laughter, and loss

Made possible on paper by the production of wood pulp

To pricelessly bare a writer’s consciousness with a pen

Typed on a screen with countless punches of letter keys

By the fingertips of a devoted linguistic

Formed on colorless, slim folios

And the smooth lips of a speaker

In a crowd ready to listen and eager to heartily hear

The intent that motivates those words



The past is the past but it doesn’t mean I won’t look back

Memories are the mirror for what was and for what can be

It’s not a crime to remember

Or to miss a miracle or blessing

Life isn’t long enough to live ungrateful
A moment can never be relived

A breath can never be breathed again

Cherish the the day, every day

For nothing in this world is a guarantee

Raindrops 💧

Raindrops 💧

I follow each raindrop

As it falls from the sky in slow motion

I watch as each drop latches onto everything it touches

Saturating anything and everything it can soak


Maybe sliding down a car window

Saying a simple hello

To its fasinated spectators

As they watch it slide down

Hitting the cold clear glass


Or when it drips into a small puddle

Filling it up as if it’s a tiny ocean


It’s warm generosity towards earth’s elements

Giving each one refreshment

Is just enough for my appreciation

As each plants thirsts

For the cold fresh rain that brings life

Eagerly waiting

As their roots grow brittle


The times I’ve wanted it to go away

Disliking the atmosphere of a wet rainy day


When the plants are dying

The clouds are crying


Making a difference

For a tree or two