Revelation #41

I can only imagine

What can be


And that is my hope


You Shouldn’t Have

Reserved an expectation just for me

Anticipating a response you never fully earned

It’s not my fault to take the blame

For love that was never mutual

Never constant or the same

I hope for a clean slate

Next time

If there ever is one

To begin again

To do things right

To make things how they should be

However that may be

Maybe we can both start over and get a second chance

Maybe there’s a possibility for something better

Next Time

Is it too soon?

To cut you loose

I guess it’s fair to say I never really knew you

The way I always wanted to

The way I truly should have

The future is full of possibility

Opportunity and second chances

But what if I miss it?

My chance to begin again

The time to make it all right

I hope to meet you at the crossroad

Of should and must

I want it to be mutual

The love

The trust

Maybe I’ll see you there

Where the truth meets the light

When the wrongs can be made right

The place that true colors shine


The only thing I want to see

From you

The one thing

I hope you can do


Tell your truth

You should already know

I’m too worthy to lose

Maybe It’s Time

I guess

Because I don’t know

The fact of the matter is

No one is good at this thing called “relationships”

The truth is a trial to believe

I want to trust you

I want to love you

My heart says it’s ok while my soul simply says no every time

Self-contradiction is a constant obstacle

Is there really ever a good time?

I try while my efforts become misjudgments

My intentions turn to failures

Human love is a complicated thing that I do my best to ignore

Mixed with random emotion and confused thoughts

I think we’re better off alone until we discover true love and why it’s supposed to matter