Awaiting Change

Awaiting Change

Beauty is witnessed in the silence

So I listen

To heal

I wash away my memories

Of all things holding me back

To fully receive what I need

To put my mind at ease

And my heart on track

Let go of every worry

No fear will make me fail

I am here honest and ready

To conquer and prevail

The Worth of Words

The Worth of Words

By my brief yet informative research on this concept, I have greatly considered the strong dependency we have on words, the act of writing and the value of written text all together. I see the worth of writing down thoughts more than I ever have and realize the crucial demand for this form of communication and mental reflection.

Without words and the mode of writing, the world would be a blank slate of empty space, a creative realm no longer, but a lonely and dull environment void of inspiration. Writing is the source; for memories, perspective and human expression; the resource from which we draw the motivation to move forward.

The Art of Loneliness

The Art of Loneliness

The solitude of self-company
A comfort in times of chaos
Alone is tranquility
Free of noise
Without a cost
A crave for moments of singularity
To be away, confined in a state
of personal clarity

Making peace with
the silence of the soul
To be one
With the inner voice
Within myself
I stand alone
Where I feel
The most at home
Since the world is so overrated


When it’s all said and done,

Who will you say you are?

You can’t fake a facade

You try to hide

From someone who’s always seen you

Covering up the scars that make it all true

I hold a false memory

A state of you

That’s no longer

Transformed into someone new

I’ll always love you

For who you are

As you

I’ll say it again

I’ll tell myself

I thought you knew

There’s no sense in it

Cause I’m

In your rearview

Faded and gone